Domain Names - GLOBAL

Global Domain name (eg: .com)
Sales price £15.50


This is the unique address that helps people to find your website, eg: is the domain name for this website. You can purchase several different domain names and point each of them to the primary domain where your website resides which can help customers to find you easier.

Domain names vary slightly in price, normally a UK domain (eg: is cheaper than a global domain (eg: .com), Please check with us prices of specific extensions like .biz, .net and .co etc.

You will need to pay your domain fee renewal by recurring payments via Paypal or as a Direct Debit/Standing Order arrangement with your bank. As our system is automated, please note that your site (and associated hosting, emails etc) will be automatically closed and the domain will not be renewed if you miss the payment. Domain Name Fees are non-returnable.



If you already have a domain name that you would like to transfer in and use as part of your new website and hosting package, we can arrange this for you.

Transferring a UK domain (, could not be easier and we do not charge any associated fee or costs, in other words it is FREE to transfer in a UK domain (do check with your current provider however as some may charge exit fees). The transfer normally takes approx 24hrs to complete.

Transferring a Global domain (.com, .net, .org,.biz or .info) can take a little longer, sometimes up to seven days. We are charged to transfer these domains so have no choice but to pass this on to you. Global transfer fees are normally £8.99.

Please remember you will also need to purchase your annual web hosting for the domain where your website and email accounts reside. Any additional domain names purchased can simply be pointed to your primary address at no additional charge and without any individual hosting payments. 


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